Nov 4, 2017

Social media? Mark my words, it'll never last

Social media is stressing me out. So many options, so much to share.

Here's the problem. I don't do anything worthy of tweeting or snapping or facebooking or whatever. And when I finally do engage in something interesting, I forget to take a picture or don't post it in a timely fashion. For example, I just got around to posting my Halloween pictures TODAY. Always one step behind. And I only did it to annoy my son by taking credit for carving pumpkins that he actually carved. Ha Ha. That one makes me laugh.

Another issue I have with social media is the stigma associated with having few friends. When people learned that I have only 15 Facebook friends, they laughed at me and told me I was a loser! And those were people from my emotional support group!

My middle son reminded me that I can send friend requests to other people I know. But how can I do that when I don't have any more friends? Great advice, Einstein.

My youngest son suggested that I could try to make more friends. Seriously? Big talk coming from you, Roberto. Did anyone even sign your yearbook?

With my sons proving to be useless, I thought I could confide in my co-workers at the quickie mart about this embarrassing problem. They were not helpful. Dodie bragged that she has over 300 friends. Of course she does. She's ancient. She's probably met hundreds of thousands of people, but I'm young! Kibby told me she's 20 years younger than me and still has way more friends. How can that be? Her last Facebook post was a picture of her holding a baby. No caption. Ridiculous! What does that mean? And how did she get so many "likes" for it?

Cori and Erin, two acquaintances I barely tolerate, made me an Instagram account and told me I could delude myself into believing I was more popular if just connected with different Instagram groups. (Are they called groups, Cory?) I connected with Cats of Instagram, but their incessant pics of cats throughout the day made me close my account.

If you think about it, if social media annoys me, how many others are out there just like me? I predict that soon people will tire of this little trend, just as they did with covered wagons, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots and "computers."

In the end, as I've done with all other goals in the past, I decided to just give up. It's a time-tested formula. I know now that I will never be popular on social media. We all have our strengths. Some people are surrounded by friends or family who love them, some are talented at a particular skill or several skills, some are rich. All I have is my amazing good looks, and I guess I'll have to live with that. Happy November!

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