Jan 17, 2013

Way to Go Roberto!

Great news, my little son, Roberto got his driver's license just recently. He got a perfect score on both the driving and maneuverability parts! Then he drove home and hit our garage. Regardless, it was very exciting to see my youngest get his license. We celebrated at Wendy's, allowing him to choose two items from the dollar menu. What a fabulous milestone.

The driver's test in the Midwest is different from driving tests on the East coast. In New Jersey, we were given the road test and were also tested on parallel parking, which is extremely useful for parking on city streets. Another part of the test was doing "K" turns or "three-point" turns, which come in handy when you need to make a quick getaway in an alley when the cops are chasing you.

In the Midwest, maneuverability testing is comprised of slowly moving forward 10 feet through orange traffic cones and going to the left or right of them, then slowly moving backwards the same distance. This comes in very handy in these parts, where traffic cones are often found in random places on our local streets and highways. It's quite a problem, and we’re just fortunate that the Bureau of Motor Vehicles here has found an ingenious way to combat this recurring issue.

So now my youngest son is street legal and ready to roll. Unlike my middle son, who hit the test examiner a couple times before the driver's test, Roberto has only hit random edifices. He's not a people person. Never has been.

The most exciting part of having three sons under 21 who are driving is that they are all covered by my insurance policy. My oldest son, Hans, tested that policy on Monday, when some college girl hit him and ran. Many choice words come to mind as I think of her, but I can't say them in this G-rated blog, for fear of offending the infant members of my readership population. Is that (hitting and running) considered Midwestern hospitality? I don't think so. Now I hate that son, and we have asked him to move out. It's time to cut the cord.

So now we have to get body work done on our car, and Joe and I have to pay out of pocket. This happened just after we had to buy four new tires for another car. I tried to get the estimator to give me a low price by flirting with him and showing some leg, but I guess I'm not as good looking as I thought. He said, "Sorry, sir, I only date chicks."

Well, that's my life folks. I've got kids getting licenses, other kids who like to get hit by women, and a man who thinks I'm a man. All in all, not a bad week for me. Happy New Year to all! Hope your week was just as good as mine.


P.S. My youngest son actually got his license in August. I forgot I had a blog or I'd have written about it earlier.