Nov 21, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving -- Quick Note

Happy Thanksgiving to all. PLEASE TAKE THE THANKSGIVING POLL ON THE RIGHT. I want to learn about our readers' traditions. Choose all your favorite answers, and I promise I'll give you the results.

We are spending Thanksgiving at home with the kids. Unfortunately, Roberto has the flu, so we can't include him in the celebration. His fever went up to 102.8 today! We're sad about that, but we're all hoping he'll be well enough to help clean the dishes after the meal.

Thanksgiving means a lot to many people. My mom always made such a lovely feast when I was a child, and though it was just the five of us, we'd always dress up nicely and really enjoy the holiday. (For example, one year I dressed as a ghost and my sisters dressed as penguins.) Just kidding. Something special to me is that Mom was always in a nice dress, and dad would wear a shirt and tie. We'd wear our Sunday best to celebrate. That made it really special for me.

We no longer travel to see our parents for Thanksgiving, but that's what happens when one lives 500 miles away.

I'm thankful for my entire family, for friends, for good health, for Wednesday- and Thursday-night TV, for Martini and Rossi Asti Spumante, and lastly, for dark chocolate Raisinets. Today would have been my Nana's birthday if she were still alive, so I'm thankful for the time I spent with Nana too.

Thank you to the troops overseas who are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Everyone stay safe and don't eat too much turkey. I hear the strycknine in it will make you pretty sleepy! Happy Thanksgiving!
~ Jackie

COMMENTS:I did not know a llama hibernates. I guess that's why I don't see any walking around during the winter months. With all this winter snow, I'm sure many animals are starting to hibernate that usually wouldn't. Many Buckeyes hibernate once football ends and if they don't win their opener, they continue to hibernate until that first win. Michigan will hibernate through the entire season.
~ Johnny Wolverine, N.J.